Zangerine Integrates with Quickbooks!

Quickbooks is the best selling accounting package in the world. And there’s good reason: Quickbooks invested the time necessary to build an accounting package that was easy to setup and simple to learn and use.

Leave the Accounting to the Accountants

With Quickbooks you’ll manage all the “fun” accounting tasks, such as reconciliation, payroll, accounts payable, and managing expenses. Invoicing, order processing, inventory management, and purchasing are managed by Zangerine. In the end, you leave the accounting to Quickbooks and operations management to Zangerine.

Have You Outgrown Quickbooks?

If you’re using Quickbooks to do more than accounting—and now feeling the pain—maybe it’s time to let Quickbooks stay focused on what it does best. Call us today for a free copy of The 5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Quickbooks, an insightful eBook that may give you a much needed dose of reality

Inventory Management that Works with Quickbooks

We knew that Quickbooks was the most popular accounting software out there for small and midsize businesses so that’s why we built Zangerine to be the best inventory management software that works with Quickbooks. 

Quickbooks online inventory management is the #2 methods we see used by businesses for inventory management but as businesses grow they find it’s limitations no longer fit their needs. We understand both the benefits and the limitations of an accounting system handling inventory. You can breathe easy if this is your situation because we can import your data seamlessly from Quickbooks online inventory management. You can keep Quickbooks online for accounting while adding the power of Zangerine to handle not only your inventory, but also your purchasing, ecommerce, and the rest.  Zangerine will seamlessly transfer all financial data back to Quickbooks online. It’s the best of both worlds!

We will set up your Quickbooks integration with Zangerine and ensure that your data is flowing smoothly back and forth. After that you’re set!

Managerial Accounting Reports within Zangerine

Besides the Quickbooks integration to handle your accounting Zangerine also provides you with all the managerial accounting reports you need right within the software. Want to know the cost of goods sold? You can pull it right in Zangerine along with over 50 other pre-made reports and dashboards! These reports include:

  • Inactive customers
  • Abandoned orders
  • Top selling items
  • Customer segment sales
  • Coupon code sales
  • Monthly P.O.
  • Inventory valuation
  • Low stock
  • Orders by shipping method
  • Profit/Loss

Quickbooks Integration with Ecommerce Marketplaces

Zangerine integrates smoothly with multiple ecommerce marketplaces and platforms like Amazon and Ebay, Woocommerce and Shopify. This integration allows these ecommerce marketplaces and platforms to communicate order information to Zangerine and for Zangerine to communicate pricing, product and inventory level information. They are realtime syncs to keep your inventory and sales flowing smoothly. 

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