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One ERP Software to Manage All of Your Operations!

  • Whether you're drop shipping specialty filters for mining machinery a supplier and fulfilling bolts and gaskets orders from your warehouse, Zangerine can help. All the eCommerce, inventory management, and B2B/B2C tools you'll ever need on one platform.

Time-saving ERP Features for Wholesalers & Distributors

Super Accurate Inventory Management​

  • Zangerine provides all the inventory management tools you need to track and locate any item or SKU at any time from any device. Zangerine automatically tracks inventory as it comes into your warehouse as a purchase, as well as when it leaves as part of a sale. You'll receive notifications when any stock level meets a minimum or preferred quantity.
  • You'll be able to generate purchase orders with one-click simplicity, which saves time. Plus, with Zangerine's barcode scanning capabilities, you'll avoid the tracking errors associated with manually receving new inventory.

Business Intelligence from A to Z ​

  • Knowledge is power, happiness, and safety. Zangerine's business intelligence features help you get a quick picture of what's up and the knowledege that lets you make confident business decisions. By featuring over 50 managerial reports, Zangerine is an analytics powerhouse. You'll have access to these reports and more: Customer Statements, Accounts Aging, Gross Sales, Top Sellers, Sales by Product, Category, and Customer Group,
  • Quote Activities, Purchasing, Receiving, Vendor Relations, Inventory Valuation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Tax Reports, and Gross Margin. All Zangerine reports feature advanced filters, data visualization, a summary, detailed data, printable PDF version, and CSV export.

Professional Quote Management ​

  • With Zangerine your customers can request a quote directly through your website, wholesaler dashboard, or even the EDI system. With less hands physically processing quotes you'll reduce errors. You'll also improve your sales team’s productivity.
  • How? Zangerine's one-click, quote-to-order feature saves time and keeps your team focused on sales rather than processes. What's more, your sales team will praise Zangerine's automated email messaging, which improves conversion ratios.

B2B & B2C E-Commerce ​

  • Zangerine includes a fully integrated eCommerce engine. What does that mean? It means you'll sell more. You'll be able to catalog your items with images, descriptions, inventory levels, spec sheets, cross-sell rules, shipping options, and tiered pricing based on the customer's profile:
  • All of which increases sales and profits. You can also enable a B2B Wholesaler Portal to allow your clients to submit their purchase orders using specialized tiered and group pricing predefined for their profile.

Loved by businesses, and individuals across
the globe.

Get rid of slow, manual or spreadsheet-based processes and instead automate financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales.

Quickly spot and fix trouble or identify opportunities to boost sales in real time using any device from any location. Zangerine is on the cloud!

Increase your gross revenue and increase sales conversions by providing better sales tools for your inside and outside sales reps.

Lower your expenses and increase your profit margin by automating repetitive warehouse and sales processes and reducing human error.

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