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One Platform To Manage Your Office Supply Business

  • Whether you're drop shipping desks and chairs from a different vendor and fulfilling paper and supply orders from your warehouse, Zangerine can help. All the eCommerce, inventory management, and B2B/B2C tools you'll ever need on one platform.

Time-saving ERP Features for Office Product Wholesalers and Distributors

Desks, Paper, Chairs, or Envelopes: Track it All​

  • Zangerine provides all the inventory management tools you need to track and locate any item or SKU at any time from any device. Zangerine automatically tracks inventory as it comes into your warehouse as a purchase, as well as when it leaves as part of a sale. You'll receive notifications when any stock level meets a minimum or preferred quantity
  • You'll be able to generate purchase orders with one-click simplicity, which saves time. Plus, with Zangerine's barcode scanning capabilities, you'll avoid the tracking errors associated with manually receving new inventory.

Professional Account Management ​

  • Business is all about relationships. The more you understand your customers and their needs the more you'll sell. Zangerine helps you quickly see a customer history, including quotes, orders, shipping and more. You'll be able to create custom and ontgract pricing for one customer, a group of customers, or for any customer that fits a specific quantity or criteria.
  • You'll also streamline order processing with Zangerine's one-click quote-to-order feature. And Zangerine's precision inventory management will aways provide you and your sales team with available stock levels in real time. You'll always be able to provide an exceptional customer experience to grow repeat business and boost sales.

Marketplace Integration and Market Power ​

  • Do you sell on Amazon, eBay, Jet, Wal-Mart, or any other marketplace? Just connect your seller account to Zangerine to automatically pull sales orders as they come in and fulfill them immediately.
  • Once you ship out an order, Zangerine will notify the marketplace of the tracking information and adjust your inventory records for you. Automation at its finest to grow your business!

Healthy Stock Control​

  • Zangerine allows you to easily assign unique SKU numbers to individual components that make up a featured item. You'll stay on top of inventory needed for kitting, track costs, and order new components with one quick click. Managing light manufacturing tasks, such as assembling products and building kits or packages is made super simple. Zangerine’s Assembly module lets you create unlimited levels of parent and child relationships
  • When placing an order, orders can be placed and processed as a pre-assembled or as separate components. You can reate product to order or pre-build and stock, print Bill of Materials (BOM) documents, and define the assembly workflow from start to finish. Your warehouse team will cheer your name when they see how Zangerine will make their jobs easier.

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Get rid of slow, manual or spreadsheet-based processes and instead automate financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales.

Quickly spot and fix trouble or identify opportunities to boost sales in real time using any device from any location. Zangerine is on the cloud!

Increase your gross revenue and increase sales conversions by providing better sales tools for your inside and outside sales reps.

Lower your expenses and increase your profit margin by automating repetitive warehouse and sales processes and reducing human error.

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