e-Commerce for Wholesalers

The most automated platform for B2B & D2C e-commerce.

If you want to sell to businesses online, then Zangerine is the fastest way to automate your online sales process and create competitive advantages that keep your customers coming back.

Save time, reduce errors and increase e-commerce sales:

Full e-commerce content management system

Zangerine can build your B2B or D2C e-commerce site from scratch or port over your site from another platform. After your site is built in Zangerine you can make changes easily from the WYSIWYG editor. Add new products, pages, or run a blog easily or have outside programers do it for you. Zangerine can accept most popular coding systems.

Wholesale customer portals

Want a website where your clients can log in and place orders, see order history, upload purchase orders (bulk e-commerce orders) and have account based permissions so different customers at the same company have combined history but different pricing or permissions? It’s all possible in Zangerine.

B2B e-commerce websites

Want to set pricing levels based on bulk purchase or the type of customer? It’s easy in Zangerine. You can also allow for wholesale customers to specify using their own shipping service when they check out online. Want to allow for Net 30 or some other business payment method? No problem. Zangerine covers it all.

D2C direct to customer e-commerce

Want to sell direct to the end-users of your products? Want to keep that separate from your wholesale e-commerce site? It’s a common way wholesalers look to broaden and increase their sales. It’s also easily possible in Zangerine while synchronizing inventory levels across all your e-commerce sites and managing orders from both.

Minimum and Preferred Stock Levels Promote Sanity
Zangerine helps you set minimum and preferred stock levels for every item in your repertoire. A minimum alert lets you know an item may need to be re-ordered. This nifty feature greatly reduces embarrassing “out of stock” messages. The preferred stock level helps prevent those awkward “why did we order so many of those?” moments. Again, Zangerine spreads light and clarity throughout your operation!
Virtual Stock Record for Drop Shipments

If your company utilizes drop shipments, you’ll go nuts over this feature. Zangerine lets you import a vendor’s stock and mark it as virtual. As a result, you’ll have a much, much better visual of any item’s availability.

Packing Slips that Dazzle

Don’t let your brand get dirtied by a packing slip! Zangerine lets you customize the packing slip to fit your look and feel, with your logo front and center. You can download packing slips as a pdf or print, of course.

Shipping Cost Calculator at Your Fingertips

How you calculate shipping costs is going to be different than the company down the street. Zangerine shines some light on and juices up how you can approach this challenge. Whether you calculate shipping costs by weight, price, cost, vendor, or the price of soy sauce in Bangkok, Zangerine accurately calculates the shipping cost of every order. You’ll love the accuracy and precision!

Rock Solid Shipping Platform for Rock Solid Shipping
Rest easy, because Zangerine is seamlessly integrated with Rock Solid’s shipping management platform. A living, breathing integration that lets order information automatically flow to Rock Solid means your customers have access to your preferred carrier at the best available price. Peace!
Shipping Labels Simplified

Let your brand spread its wings with Zangerine’s custom shipping label capabilities. You can incorporate images, text, and special barcodes into your shipping labels with Zangerine. When your customers receive your packages, a custom label helps build an association with your brand.

Customer Notifications Automated

When any order is fulfilled and accepted by your preferred carrier, Zangerine sends a cheery message to your customer. In addition to the tracking number, all of the pertinent details of the order are clearly presented. Nothing gets a customer more excited than knowing their order is on the way. Zangerine helps you build relationships of trust with each individual customer.

Automated Inventory Tracking Saves You Time

With every order, every return, and every re-stock of every item you sell, Zangerine automatically keeps a real-time tally. You’ll never use a collection of spreadsheets or spend money on multiple applications to keep track of inventory. Zangerine shines a very bright light on what’s yours, which makes for very confident business decisions. Fortune favors the bold–especially when the bold have a clear picture of what’s going on.

Picklists for Mobile Devices and the Warehouse Crew

Your warehouse crew appreciates simplicity. And they’ll love Zangerine for the clarity it provides when picking and packing. The item number, location, and quantity are concisely displayed on any tablet, smartphone, or printed sheet. Zangerine is the preferred picking and packing tool for every enlightened warehouse squad member.

Inventory Valuation Clarity

Having a clear understanding of the valuation of your inventory is key to calculating cost of goods sold, gross profit, and net income. Warning: Your accountant may love this feature more than you; however, it will empower you to make game-changing decisions!

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