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Track Every Couch, Vase, and Framed Print from Vendor to Customer

  • Zangerine’s business management software helps you manage your operations from vendor to warehouse to customer all from within one handsome dashboard.

Who has the Best ERP Software for Furniture Wholesalers?

  • Zangerine provides all the inventory management tools you need to track a sectional, bedroom set, hot-selling indoor rug in real-time. For example, the Stock Level Overview feature allows you to see Physical, Committed, Available, and Expected quantities of any item on the fly. And to make purchasing easier than ever, you can set minimum and preferred stock levels as re-ordering points.
  • Use Zangerine to print barcodes and labels, and integrate barcode scanners to scan items as they come and leave. Every item you stock is tracked and stored wtih up to five optional dimensions: Warehouse, row, column, shelf, and bin. What's more, you can manage your inventory from your computer, tablet, or even mobile device.

Processing Quotes with Style ​

  • With Zangerine your customers can request a quote directly through your website, wholesaler dashboard, or even the EDI system. With less hands physically processing quotes you'll reduce errors. You'll also improve your sales team’s productivity.
  • How? Zangerine's one-click, quote-to-order feature saves time and keeps your team focused on sales rather than processes. What's more, your sales team will praise Zangerine's automated email messaging, which improves conversion ratios.

Product Kitting Accents ​

  • Zangerine allows you to easily assign unique SKU numbers to individual components that make up a featured item. You'll stay on top of inventory needed for kitting, track costs, and order new components with one quick click. Zangerine’s Assembly module lets you create unlimited levels of parent and child relationships. When placing an order
  • orders can be placed and processed as a pre-assembled or as separate components. This provides a high level of flexibility when it comes to picking and packing items to fulfill orders. Your warehouse team will celebrate your name for this one feature alone.

Professional Order Fulfillment

  • Zangerine’s ERP manages your orders through the entire fulfillment process: From picking and packing, to shipping and notifying customers. Our tablet-optimized picking app can be utilized by your warehouse team to quickly find items, mark them as picked, and pull them from your stock records.
  • And our advanced activity tracking system makes every employee accountable for their packing skills, which reduces errors. So, whether you're shipping a sofa, settee, divan, love seat, ottoman, or chesterfield, Zangerine makes business easier.

Loved by businesses, and individuals across
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Get rid of slow, manual or spreadsheet-based processes and instead automate financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales.

Quickly spot and fix trouble or identify opportunities to boost sales in real time using any device from any location. Zangerine is on the cloud!

Increase your gross revenue and increase sales conversions by providing better sales tools for your inside and outside sales reps.

Lower your expenses and increase your profit margin by automating repetitive warehouse and sales processes and reducing human error.

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