Financial Management

Is it Possible to Experience a Zest for Finances that Compliments Your Passion for Business? Yes, it is!

There are two types of people that grace this good Earth: Those that love accounting and those that don’t. Zangerine makes life bright and beautiful for both types. How?
Invoicing Made Simple

With Zangerine you can quickly create a quote. And from a quote you can just as quickly create an order or invoice. It’s just a matter of clicks get from quote to invoice. You’ll appreciate the professional, fresh, sharp look and feel of your invoices, which improves collections!

Customer Billing Focus

Flexibility is key for billing management. With Zangerine you set the terms, whether payment is due upon receipt or net 30 days. You can generate an aging report based on any date range and nearly any other criteria. Bottom line: You’ll accomplish this routine task faster and more efficiently than ever!

Payment Processing Power

Credit card, cash, checks, money orders, wires, or ACH transfer: Zangerine lets you handle any type of payment. COD? Not a problem! Chickens or livestock? Call us and lets discuss!

Payment Gateway Choices

Zangerine has it’s own payment gateway that will allow you to process credit card payments and could lower your processing rates.

Customer Credit Clarity

A robust credit management feature set will help you see a clear picture of the ebbs and flow of customer credits. You’ll also have the tools to manage credits. RMA’s, damaged product, price match, or other credits can require management approval, if desired.

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