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A Day at Zangerine

Spending creative time at Zangerine is like a poke bowl. (Never had a poke bowl?) With every bite you experience a pleasing juxtaposition of colors, flavors, textures, and sensations. Like a poke bowl, our open office layout may place the champion code jock near the social butterfly implementations expert. It’s that mix of talents and personalities that makes Zangerine fun and interesting.

We keep the kitchen stocked with food and drink. If you need something healthy—or don’t really care—we got you covered. If you need to get out of the office, our office is located in the heart of a the American Fork shopping district. Quite literally, a myriad different eateries and restaurants are within walking distance—you’ll even find a place that serves the best poke bowls a few blocks away!

We believe in company parties. We believe in perks. We believe in paid time off. We believe in health benefits, life insurance, and 401K’s. We also believe our crew is more productive when there is a conscious assessment of the work-life balance continuum.

Current Open Positions

(None. Please check back soon.)