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  • The typical building materials supplier may sell 32,000 or more items to satisfy customer demand. Zangerine's inventory management and eCommerce management system helps you track and account for every item your building materials wholesale and distribution business sells.

End-to-End ERP for Building Material Distributors

Nailing the Warehouse Management Challenge​

Zangerine provides all the inventory management tools you need to track every part or material in real-time. 

  • For example, the Stock Level Overview feature allows you to see Physical, Committed, Available, and Expected quantities of any part on the fly. And to make purchasing easier than ever, you can set minimum and preferred stock levels as re-ordering points. Manage one or multiple warehouses, assign various locations to a product
  • print barcodes and labels, and scan parts as they come in and out. Every item you stock is tracked and stored wtih up to five optional dimensions: Warehouse, row, column, shelf, and bin. What's more, you can manage your inventory from your computer, tablet, or even mobile device.

Framing Re-Ordering Points

  • Nothing tears down business more than having to tell your customers you're out of stock. Backorders increase costs, decrease margins, and upset your customers. With Zangerine, you can set minimum and preferred stock quantities for every SKU to ensure product availability at all times
  • Zangerine will alert you to low inventory levels and let you re-order with one click of the mouse. In addition, Zangerine’s procuring engine helps with organization and tracking of all your purchase orders, supplier relationships, communications, and accounts payable. Every building materials distributor can benefit from Zangerine from day one.

A Strong Kitting

  • Kitting and Bill of Materials (BOM) can be confusing, both for the warehouse crew and your purchasing manager. But not with Zangerine! You can seamlessly define child and master products, download and print BOM's, build kits and grouped products, and set custom costs and pricing for each item and kit.
  • The Build Kits option enables your team to deduct the appropriate inventory of child SKU's and add inventory to the master product, all with one quick click. Finally, Zangerine is a true craftsman when it comes to tracking what every team member is doing. You'll always be able to see reasons for inventory adjustments and which team member made the change.

Manage Quotes and Orders Like a Boss

  • With Zangerine you can generate a quote in a matter of seconds. You can easily edit any information on a quote and then quickly send it to your customer via email. To help you close sales, Zangerine's auto-reminder feature will send a daily reminder to your customer
  • if they've not responded within a few days. Your customers can easily turn a quote into an order through the email. Zangerine's one-click, quote-to-order feature boosts conversion ratios and increases sales.

Building Your B2B/B2C eCommerce ​

  • Zangerine includes a fully integrated eCommerce engine. What does that mean? It means you'll sell more. You'll be able to catalog your items with images, descriptions, inventory levels, spec sheets, cross-sell rules, shipping options, and tiered pricing based on the customer's profile:
  • All of which increases sales and profits. You can also enable a B2B Wholesaler Portal to allow your clients to submit their purchase orders using specialized tiered and group pricing predefined for their profile.

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Get rid of manual or spreadsheet-based processes and instead automate financials, fulfillment, inventory, and sales.

Quickly spot and fix trouble or identify opportunities to boost sales in real time using any device from any location. Zangerine is on the cloud!

Increase your gross revenue and increase sales conversions by providing better sales tools for your inside and outside sales reps.

Lower your expenses and increase your profit margin by automating repetitive warehouse and sales processes and reducing human error.

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