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Easily Track All 30,000 Different Automotive Parts

  • The typical automobile is comprised of about 30,000 different parts. Zangerine’s ERP Suite helps you track each part. Every feature you need to successfully manage your automotive parts distribution business has been smartly wrapped into Zangerine.

Key ERP Features for Automotive Parts Distributors

Drive Warehouse Management in the Fast Lane​

Zangerine provides all the inventory management tools you need to track every automotive part in real-time. 

  • For example, the Stock Level Overview feature allows you to see Physical, Committed, Available, and Expected quantities of any part on the fly. And to make purchasing easier than ever, you can set minimum and preferred stock levels as re-ordering points. Manage one or multiple warehouses, assign various locations to a product, print barcodes and labels, and scan parts as they come in and out.
  • What's more, you can manage your inventory from your computer, tablet, or even mobile device. With Zangerine’s excellent history records, every employee is accountable for their actions, which allows your management team to quickly trace changes and generate current or historical Inventory Valuation reports with just a few clicks.

Pick, Pack, and Ship in Record Time ​

  • Zangerine's tablet-optimized pick list helps you quickly locate, pull, or scan your automotive parts inventory from only one screen, which saves time. Print your packing labels, shipping labels, receipts, invoices, and packing slips, then tape the box, apply the shipping label, and voila!
  • Zangerine can automatically notify your customers of their shipment status, carrier details, and tracking numbers because it includes a powerful shipping platform. There's no need to fuss with a shipping integration. Fedex, UPS, USPS, and other carrier options are at your fingertips!

Order Management Cruise Control ​

  • Regardless of how or where your automotive parts are sold, Zangerine tracks the source of every sales order: Over-The-Phone, Submitted Purchase Orders, Sales Quotes, E-Commerce Websites, Wholesaler Dashboards, Outside Reps Portal, EDI, or popular Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
  • Zangerine tracks it all, allowing you to process and fulfill all orders, regardless of source, from one place. With Zangerine's powerful reporting tools, you'll be able to spot and address potential challenges or identify golden opportuities and increase business.

Barcoding & Scanning Horsepower ​

  • Zangerine's powerful barcode scanning technology will save your warehouse team time while adding considerable torque and savings to your purchasing. Barcodes greatly increase productivity and accuracy. No need to purchase barcode scanning software! Use Zangerine to print barcodes and labels using a thermal printer.
  • Plus, Zangerine supports all standard barcode scanners. Picture your warehouse team quickly locating, picking, and packing your automotive parts in record time. And when you receive new inventory, Zangerine's scanning system will adjust inventory levels automatically, which saves time and nearly eliminates human error.

High-performance Cross-Sell and Upsell ​

  • Amazon reports that more than one third of their sales come from product recommendations! With Zangerine you can boost sales, too. Zangerine is one of the only eCommerce solutions that features an advanced Product Cross-Referencing system. You'll be able to assign an unlimited number of cross-reference products, after-market parts, and alternative names to a master product.
  • As a result, your website, quotes, and invoices will promote cross-referenced items. Plus, each cross-reference is treated as a standard product with its own product page, which allows individual product indexing by search engines. Watch your sales soar with Zangerine!

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Get rid of slow, manual or spreadsheet-based processes and instead automate financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales.

Quickly spot and fix trouble or identify opportunities to boost sales in real time using any device from any location. Zangerine is on the cloud!

Increase your gross revenue and increase sales conversions by providing better sales tools for your inside and outside sales reps.

Lower your expenses and increase your profit margin by automating repetitive warehouse and sales processes and reducing human error.

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