The Benefits of Automated Purchasing Tools

A huge timesaver in warehouse and inventory management are automated purchasing tools. The benefits of procurement automation are not only increased productivity, but also less errors, and decreased order turnaround times.



The problems of manual procurement

Without automated purchasing tools your staff is often left calling up the vendor to see where the package is at, if they’ve accepted your Purchase Order and constantly checking in for the Tracking Number so you can time all your other operations surrounding when you’ll receive the shipment. In Zangerine’s inventory management software, you can email a purchase order with some functional buttons automatically attached that greatly simplify things.

The benefits of procurement automation in Zangerine

A Zangerine automated PO includes 3 buttons within the email (see the example image below) that allow the vendor to accept or reject a PO as well as automatically send a tracking number. The responses are automatically passed to your inventory management. As the PO is based on a template, sending one requires only reviewing the values and clicking the “send” button. This saves you time, reduces the chance of error and saves the vendor from having to field multiple emails or phone calls from you for updates. Time savings, decreased errors and decreased order turnaround times are the benefits of procurement automation.

By Chris Johnson 

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